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Capturing Maternity Bliss: Karla’s Stunning Session with the Chicago Skyline

Karla, a dear friend for over a decade, recently reached out to me with excitement. Consequently, she and Ryan were eagerly awaiting their new baby’s arrival. To celebrate, Karla envisioned maternity pictures against Chicago’s skyline. Choosing the Adler Planetarium was an easy decision. Not only does it offer panoramic views of the city and Lake Michigan, but it also provides a stunning backdrop. Despite the chilly weather, warm sunlight bathed the cityscape, enhancing Karla’s glow. With each click of the camera feeling like capturing a magical moment, it was a testament to the joy of impending parenthood. Karla’s maternity session wasn’t just about photos; it was about immortalizing love and anticipation. Consequently, I’m grateful for the opportunity to document her journey against Chicago’s skyline. Feel free to explore highlights from Karla’s session in the gallery below.

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