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Capturing Love: Engagement Photography at River Roast Chicago


Step into the enchanting world of May and Kevin as they embark on their engagement photoshoot at River Roast restaurant in Chicago. Join me as I document their love story, one candid moment at a time, against the backdrop of the vibrant cityscape and the tranquil waters of the Chicago River.

Getting to Know May and Kevin:

As May and Kevin arrived at River Roast, I greeted them warmly and settled in at the bar. Over drinks and lively conversation, I took the time to get to know this wonderful couple. My goal was to create an atmosphere of comfort and authenticity, allowing May and Kevin to relax and be themselves in front of the camera.

Capturing Intimate Moments:

With glasses clinking and laughter filling the air, I began capturing intimate moments between May and Kevin. Rather than staging poses, I opted for a more spontaneous approach, letting their love shine through in natural, in-the-moment photographs. As they enjoyed their cocktails, I moved around discreetly, capturing the genuine affection and connection between them.

Exploring the Chicago River Walk:

After a delightful time at River Roast, we ventured out to explore the scenic beauty of the Chicago River Walk. Against the backdrop of iconic Chicago landmarks, I captured May and Kevin in a series of creative and romantic shots.


As the sun set over the city skyline, we concluded our engagement photo shoot with May and Kevin, leaving them with memories to cherish for a lifetime. From the cozy atmosphere of River Roast to the breathtaking views along the Chicago River Walk, their love had been beautifully immortalized in every frame.

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