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Renowned as a Chicago Creative Documentary Wedding Photographer, we boast over 15 years of expertise in capturing weddings. Our commitment extends beyond clichés, as we deliver innovative, timeless wedding photography. Rooted in photojournalism, our approach ensures unobtrusive coverage, capturing candid moments that hold significance for you. With a deep understanding of each couple's vision, we bring a relaxed atmosphere to your special day, preserving every emotion and sentiment with care and artistry.

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Welcome to Lilly Photography, where we celebrate unposed, candid wedding photography. You're in the right place if you cherish top-quality documentary wedding photography and prefer celebrating without lengthy photo shoots.


Choosing the Right Chicago Documentary Wedding Photographer:


Navigating the selection of a Documentary Wedding Photographer in Chicago can feel overwhelming, given the multitude of Chicago Wedding Photographers who claim they represent Documentary Style. The type of images they post on their website tells their true style. Trust your instincts and choose a photographer who resonates with you and speaks to your soul.


Why Choose Us:


We're dedicated to capturing the authentic essence of your wedding day, from fleeting glances to heartfelt embraces. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to storytelling, we craft timeless images that encapsulate your love and celebration. You can rely on us to preserve your precious memories with care and artistry.




As you search for your Chicago documentary wedding photographer, take a moment to explore our portfolio and see if our style aligns with your vision. Follow your heart, and let your wedding day unfold naturally, knowing we'll be there to preserve every precious moment.