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A Chilly Chicago Engagement: Nikhil and Harini’s Love Story


Step into the heart of Chicago’s crisp March day as we join Nikhil and Harini for their enchanting engagement session. Despite the chilly weather, their love warmed the atmosphere, creating beautiful moments against the backdrop of North Ave Beach and Hotel Lincoln.

Embracing the Chill:

As the cold winds swept across North Ave Beach, Nikhil and Harini braved the elements with grace and warmth. Despite the heavy clouds obscuring the skyline, their love shone brightly, illuminating every frame with joy and tenderness.

Finding Refuge:

Seeking refuge from the chill, the couple retreated to the inviting ambiance of Hotel Lincoln. Within its cozy confines, they found solace and comfort, allowing their love to flourish amidst the charming surroundings.

A Natural Connection:

Nikhil and Harini’s natural chemistry radiated effortlessly, making every shot a testament to their deep connection. Their ease in front of the camera captured the essence of their love story, painting a picture of intimacy and joy.

Looking Ahead:

As Nikhil and Harini embark on their journey towards marriage, their engagement session serves as a beautiful prelude to their upcoming Indian wedding in Indianapolis. May their love continue to blossom, filling each moment with warmth and happiness.


Amid Chicago’s cold embrace, Nikhil and Harini’s engagement session was a celebration of love’s resilience and warmth. From the windswept shores of North Ave Beach to the inviting interiors of Hotel Lincoln, their love story unfolded with grace and beauty, leaving us eagerly anticipating their journey ahead.

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