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University Club of Chicago Wedding Photographer

University Club of Chicago Wedding Photographer.

Ceremony and reception: University Club of Chicago

Photographer: Jiho

Here is another great example of one of my weddings to maintain the ambiance of your wedding venue. I’m very true to what you see on your wedding day is what you should see in your pictures. I do not use harsh direct flash and am very selective about using off-camera flash. I sometimes use off-camera flash if it calls for it and if I feel it will add a more dramatic look to the image. Most of all, I want to tell a story with each frame. I love to shoot wider than most wedding photographers because that is in my DNA. It comes from years of street photography. It takes a lot of patience and a lot of creative thinking. You must be ready to capture that one shot that tells the scene. Composition is important to me. You have to draw the eyes to what you want them to see in each one of your pictures. Check out one of my favorite weddings in the past five years. I hope you feel like you were there viewing this slide show.

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