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North Ave Beach Engagement Photography

North Ave Beach Engagement Photography with Randi and Nick.

Photographed by Jiho

This turned out to be one of my favorite and most expensive engagement session this year. Last year I purchased the Leica Q and sold it to pick up the Leica SL camera system. I have always regretted this decision so I recently bought another one. Randi and Nick’s engagement session was my first session with it second time around. Boy did I miss this camera. The colors and the sharpness it just simply amazing. Half of the images on this post were shot with Leica and are straight out of the camera. I also brought my Fuji Xpro-2 with me along with three lenses. I was really in a flow. The light was perfect, weather was beautiful, and Radi and Nick were so natural behind the camera. They really inspired me to get some amazing shots. We were finishing up our session at North ave beach pier. I laid my camera bag down next to their backpack, and while shooting them with the skyline behind them, a huge wave out of nowhere took both our bags into lake Michigan. Being a horrible swimmer, Nick didn’t hesitate to jump in to retrieve both of our bags. In the last few of the shots, his jeans are completely soaked.  The two lenses and flash were shot, done. Thank god I had both cameras around my body. I did get another set in time for my weddings this past weekend, but I could not believe that happened to me. In the end, I’m very excited about the results form our session. They are absolutely the best to work with and I can’t wait for their wedding next month. It’s going to flow like our engagement session did. Thanks again Nick! 

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