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Celebrating Love and New Beginnings: Ben and Laurel’s New Year’s Eve Wedding at Hotel Arista

Capturing Love and New Beginnings at Hotel Arista Naperville

As a documentary wedding photographer, there’s something truly special about capturing the magic of a New Year’s Eve wedding. This particular celebration, held at Hotel Arista in Naperville, was no exception. Let me take you through the highlights of Ben and Laurel’s unforgettable day.

A Local Affair: Ben and Laurel’s Journey

Ben and Laurel, a vibrant couple deeply in love, chose Naperville as the backdrop for their wedding day. Living in the heart of this charming city themselves, it only seemed fitting to celebrate their union in their beloved hometown.

Trusting the Creative Process

From the moment we connected, Ben and Laurel were a dream to work with. They exuded trust in my creative vision, giving me the freedom to craft and capture their special day authentically. Their unwavering confidence in my abilities as a photographer served as a constant inspiration throughout the day.

Embracing the Winter Chill

Despite the plummeting temperatures and the onset of darkness, Ben, Laurel, and their wedding party braved the cold to create stunning outdoor portraits. Their resilience and enthusiasm were a testament to their commitment to making every moment count.

Magical Moments in Every Frame

From the heartfelt vows exchanged to the joyous celebrations on the dance floor, every moment of Ben and Laurel’s wedding day was filled with magic. As a documentary wedding photographer, I had the privilege of immortalizing these fleeting moments, ensuring that their love story would be remembered for years to come.

A Vision Realized: Capturing the Perfect Shot

Before bidding farewell to Ben and Laurel’s celebration, I couldn’t resist bringing to life a shot I had envisioned—a moment captured in the parking garage that encapsulated the essence of their love and the spirit of the day.

Relive the Magic: Highlights from Ben and Laurel’s Wedding

Now, let’s dive into the enchanting moments that unfolded on Ben and Laurel’s New Year’s Eve wedding at Hotel Arista Naperville.

Ceremony: St Margaret Mary

Reception: Hotel Arista

Photographed by Jiho


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