I love documenting weddings and I do this with a sincere and genuine passion.  I am truly inspired by each wedding I photograph.  They are all so unique and each couple has their very own style, personality, and sense of expression.  I like to use that uniqueness to create something truly beautiful and personal to each of my couples.

People say to me all the time they can tell I really enjoy my job.  It’s hard to not have the time of your life during such a lovely moment in someone’s life and it just makes me smile.

Other things that make me smile:   my family,  my funny friends,  meeting new people,  kindness,  blue sky,  tom khar soup,  dahlias,  doggies,  summer nights,  movies,  live music,  raspberries,  wedding cake,  wedding cake with raspberry filling,  champagne,  great shoes,  fresh herbs & veggies picked from my garden,  yoga,  packages in the mail, and the perfect beauty in the simplest things.