Chicago Documentary Wedding Photographer

The driving force of every wedding is to capture many moments of family members and friends, and everything that makes a couple’s wedding day unique and memorable to them.

On your wedding day, we are there to capture genuine moments as they organically happen. For the majority of your wedding day, we stay very hands-off, focusing 100% on the story. You won’t find us asking to recreate moments, but you will find us ready to capture those moments before they even happen. During portraits, we give direction as needed, thinking outside the box and creative photography techniques to make images that are artistic and unique. Though we do direct during portraits, we still focus on genuine candid moments to give you honest, natural photos.

Please take some time to look through my portfolio and recent work from our team, and send me a message if you’re interested in learning more about myself and our associate photographers.

**The studio name comes from my daughter Lilly, pictured below with my son Owen, and my wife Lauren.**